January 6, 2010

Free Life

What is Free Life? Free Life is my blog where I plan on expressing ideas and interests that I believe lead to a life of happiness and freedom. Free Life is an idea. An idea that you can be free to be who you want to be, free to do the things you want to do, free to be happy and just plain free!
I have also been interested in personal finance. Lately I have also become pretty interested in personal development. Both of these topics will be covered pretty regularly here at Free Life. With a strong financial base through a sound personal finance philosophy we can be free to do the things we want. We can be free to be happy. But you must also understand that money cannot buy happiness. One has to decide to be happy. And thus, Free Life covers both of these topics.
So if you are interested in living a Free Life then I hope you will check back frequently for ideas on improving yourself, being happy and creating a strong financial foundation.

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