January 4, 2010

Figure Out Your Obstacles

Yesterday I discussed easing into a new habit or resolution. Today I want to discuss the importance of figuring out the obstacles that will get in the way of achieving what you want to achieve.
Whatever it is you are wanting to accomplish it is important to look ahead. Try to think of anything you can that might get in your way or sidetrack you. Then have a plan put into to place to deal with these obstacles. Obstacles will arise. Some you may foresee and some you may not. However with a plan in place to deal with obstacles you will have a much higher chance for success.
In my plan to form the habit of exercising 6 days a week I have tried to see any obstacles that will get in my way. In the past when I have tried to start up running and fallen off the wagon it is usually because I get busy with work. I have to stay a couple hours late for a few days or weeks in a row and next thing I know I haven't run for a month.
Looking forward I know that I am going to be working a lot these next couple months. Not only will we be busy at work probably working an hour later or so most days but I have decided to also work part time doing income tax preparation. I know about these obstacles before I'm starting my habit change. I know that things like this have thrown me off track in the past. How am I preparing? Well I plan on working part time 2 nights during the week. So I plan on taking my one rest day a week during one of those days. That only leaves me to worry about the other day. The plan is to wake up early in the morning that day and get my run over first thing. That day will be an easy day for me. It will be the easiest day of the week for running so that I won't wake up and immediately think not to do it because I have a hard day of running scheduled.
It is also important to roll with the punches. Things will come up that you can't plan for and that you didn't see coming. So you miss a day of running. Don't let that get you down. Get back out there the next day and stick to your plan. Stay motivated and if you are forced to miss a day for some reason then look at it as a necessary extra rest day. Don't let that completely throw you off track so that you give up.
Ideally by planning for obstacles I will be able to maneuver around them and stay on track. Hopefully by the end of February I will have been consistent with my running and on my way of accomplishing my bigger goal of completing a marathon.

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