August 10, 2009

Stay Positive

No matter what you are doing it helps to stay positive. If there is some task you don't enjoy you can make it better by staying positive.

Two examples from this weekend came from me and my wife. We had a lot of housework that needed caught up on since we've been so busy lately. We split it up and I was in charge of the outside yard work while she was going to work on the inside cleaning.

I had a ton of work to do such as raking up some leaves that have already fallen, mowing the yard and then trimming a bunch of overgrown bushes. On a hot 90 degree day I worked out in the yard for a little over 5 hours. This is something that would normally put me in a bad mood. However, I stayed focused on being positive. Looking on the bright side of things I realized I was getting quite a decent amount of excercise from all this work. Also I knew having everything cleaned and trimmed up helps put me at ease when I pull up to the house. Things look better and that makes me feel better.

My wife on the other hand didn't have a very positive attitude. She was struggling to get started because she was looking at the whole daunting job rather then looking at it as cleaning one room at a time. Once she did get started she was pretty much in a bad mood the entire time cleaning the house.

So what was the difference between me and my wife? A couple things that helped me stay positive.

1. Rather then looking at the whole job, break it down into smaller tasks. I was not overwhelmed by the job because I looked at each thing I had to complete in peices. Rake leaves. Mow the yard. Trim bushes. Clean up trimmings.

2. Try to look on the bright side. Sure yard work is not fun but I managed to look at the positive side of it. The extra excercise I got from the work will make me healthier and stronger. The visually leaf free yard will not make me stress every time I drive up to the house feeling overwhelmed with all I have to do.

Life is what you make it but by staying positive we can complete almost any task and we can complete it better, more efficient.

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