August 7, 2009

Just Start!

Just start! Whatever you aspire to accomplish the best way to get there is by just starting. The only thing that holds anyone back is our own inaction. The inaction to begin.

What goals do you have? Run a marathon, start a business, write a novel, lose weight. No matter what your goal is or how difficult it may seem to accomplish the best thing possible you can do is start. Go ahead and start running today. Start putting a business plan down on paper. Brainstorm for ideas on what to write about. Begin today eating a healthier dinner.

An object in motion tends to stay in motion but the most effort required is putting that object in motion in the first place. Stop dreaming and start doing.

I have many dreams, aspirations, goals. The only way any of these are going to come to fruition is by starting. I want to write an inspirational blog with many followers. Create a community where everyone can comment and help motivate each other. This article is the beginning of that community that I hope to have one day created. I've sat on my dream of creating such a community for a few months now with no real progress. No real concrete ideas of what to do. Finally I have realized the best thing to do is just start. Everything else will follow. I may not achieve success right off the bat with what I want to accomplish but I will begin my journey.

Just start!

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